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Sketch the Sky - LOCK

- New EP Premier -

South African solo project Sketch the Sky has just released a stellar new EP.

"LOCK" starts out with "SEAL" building up with a slow and sensual guitar riff reminiscent of any given Carlos Santana song, the next riff sounds like a quick wave. Followed by an eerie sample of what could be a crying baby mixed with folk singing a brief jaunt into the world of Djent ensues complete with squeals until another sample from the crying baby.

next to follow is a smooth piano solo bringing a little jazziness into the mix. Back to the starting riff to close things this song comes full circle.

"SECRECY" is a intermittent jam with guitar solos noodling in and out of the picture, ending with an ethereal choir singing in the background and more soloing this jam is a peaceful one.

"LOOK" is perhaps the mathiest song yet, with a tapped riff alongside trap beats and an effects laden synth like riff, things get hyped quickly. A smoothed out section follows and then I hear a brief quiet slow down of sorts with some gentle chord strumming. The background angelic choir throughout this EP brings depth and a full sound to focus.

"ANCHOR" A gentle and airy riff like that of any recent CHON song brings this final jam to life. A slower song starting out this song keeps me guessing what's next. This song is a simple one to end the record, one that leaves plenty of room for introspection while keeping me on my toes.

I can see myself putting this on to relax, or as background music for any chore that doesn't require a lot of straining to do. It's a nice and easy ride from start to finish. -M Chan

Note from the artist:

With Covid-19 going viral and causing damage humanities health and economy, it has left a lot of people without an income. Here in South Africa there are many struggling families whose number one concern is hunger.

That is why within the first 5 days of this release all sales from all EP's and singles on my Bandcamp will go to help these families who are dealing with this loss of income. This will be done through SafePlace. SafePlace is an organization that deals with violence against women and children and have now started providing and delivering food parcels to families in need.

Thank you so much for your support! Stay Safe and God bless!


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