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Sounds May Swell - Conditioning

- Exclusive Video Premier -

Columbus, Ohio's Sounds May Swell Have Just Released A New Song/Video called "Conditioning." Stream this new track and read the review here.

Starting out with a tapping guitar riff not unlike any Minus the Bear song from their highly recommended album "Highly Refined Pirates," joined by energetic vocals with vibrato effects and some out of tune words, this jam has a lot of groove to it.

I already touched on this but I need to reiterate that the guitar riffs have an uncanny resemblance to early Minus the Bear songs.

About halfway through the song, things slow down, while the band gets settled into this new part of the song, my nerves are calmed as the delayed guitar strumming washes over me like the tide of the ocean on the beach during the sunset.

Back to the original tapping guitar riff, things get rowdy once more for the big finale of the song, which comes full circle.

Overall I like this song, The vocals remind me somewhat of Anthony Kiedis, not outright but just a little bit. I hope to hear more from this band in the future. Be sure to check out their earlier jams on bandcamp:


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