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Spread day gems - dead.poet.drums aka dead poet and the voices musical backlog. best picks.

the shred catalog stays alive.

-my dont spreadbullshit spread music sscouting , writing,managing,labeling era. (2012-2014).

-songs that are great to cover or shred to, most of which are free. a not so little taste of my playlist. 50 shades of math all unique.

There's Always a Fucking Problem

by Pseudo/Sentai - opera math, art math, prog pop , prog rock , math rock, concept

the slaughter house five - alban b clay - surrealist theather art rock math rock math pop


(same band minus one) doppleganger number7 reflectoporn

leela and the rams - spring cleaning - math pop, spring pop, folk pop, new jazz,

emma ate the lion - savages - math pop, math rock , pop punk, prog rock

fiest,mars volta, asiwyfa, the academy is

Ahleuchatistas - isreal - fusion jazz, math , free jazz, math rock, marathon math, duo math, loop math

haisuinonasa - math rock , math pop, modern jazz, zankyo records

brasstronaut - same same , raven - hipster pop, math pop, art school, art pop

zoorch - art math school math

moma- japanese math rock witrh piano

tortuganonima - chilien glitch math with prog and hispanic tendencies.

druk - heavy marathon metal mathcore from fusion jazz musicianswhich reside in mexico.

ghost of you - pop rock indie psy pop prog pop math pop

loqto - japanese tech math emo pop

father figure - fusion math nyc scene

noxious foxes - nyc loop duo shredz marathon math dad af

half sleep - nathan gaas

bearcubbin' art math noise math gloos math dad math

chon - chon

save us from archon - punk maraton math. tech and brisk

hollow ran - l.a marathon math and solo aocustic thereafter tyler ramasy

nordic giants - post folk math sigur ros

signals - post indie math pop female fronted

death and vanilla - post pop vibraphone

suffer like g did - jazzy math pop punk instrumental

black market seretonin - post indie

cleft - rest in peace dan , heavy beats duo math

qaudrepede - france duo looper math post math

alamist - irish math

philharmongrel - irish math pop vocals allot of members math

clock work noise - irish indie

enemies - tropical math pop

escher - nick van meters project after 100 onces. he is the writer of sick ninja not richard n barret wnd got shafted in my mind because thats the only decent cut. this translates to escher you can hear nicks love for syncopation and japanese tech.

ttng - this town needs guns

future death - noise math , glam math, marathon math

fightcloud - indie math with vocals

friends and enemies - mexican screamo skrams indie

luo - newbeat futurebeat glitchhop math hop expiremental progressive edm meets jazz fusion

this city called earth - math rock wierdness

polyphia - polyphia glitch math metal math hyper pop trap math prog pop fusion pop pop metal

ed - tropical math pop

trails - latin tropical math pop

vasudeva - cruise indie math pop

slim charlse - math pop punk indie youth revival

second greatest dad ever - nathan gaas twinkle daddy early project

van gouh sky - florida scene - math pop pop punk math

kit fisto - hyper pop punk math rock

feuding fathers - zach hill mold pop punk dad rock marathon duo math austin sing along shredz. essenmtially hella fighting with blink 182.

toe - japanes emath rock

tomorrow st peter , sewedish edge art math

novembervagen - anime math post rock lgbt

patch work natives uk math

carrol - indie pop gloss -

backwards hate - alex syder and thomas seminar ford

alerce - argentina toe style math

james casroll - twinkle daddy acousitc math

constant waves - pedal math, math pop

kunasagi - heavy pedal post math

alpine those myriads - the most psychedelic music one will ever hear, industrial goth, bedroom math, expirementalism

mermonte - math pop indie vocals

suns of satan - denmark expirmental folk female fronted with bizzare musical choicing everywhere

purge solenoid - math rock marathon zach hill , mars volta voice, chaos l.a

marshburn - extremly expirmental boy bands on crack marathon math rock

mugstar - expiremental post rock with unique drums

The Yatch Club - dle robinson of enjoyment records

low pass- pop punk instrumental japanese math

eito - japanese math beast

gnarbot - chris paprote prog math fusion math this the new stuff but i foudn chris in the spread era.

illustrative violet - forrest rice school math indie pop fusion pop expirmental

youslut! - pop punk math

vessles - edm math

weary eyes - russian hip math

facing - irish pop star red jumpsui type math pop emo screamo

yvette young - math rock midwestern acoustics

agent fresco - icelandic black metal post rock church music math rock

100% chevalier - math noise french scene alt

clan of cave bear - spastic hella shredz, marathon ohio math

0-0-0 french math indie pop

snack - dance math pop chill

six hands - math rock math pop instrumental

strawberry girls - ep math

charachters - midwestern shoegaze math folk indie rock

sdnmt- glitch trance math

the physhics house band - marathon math, fusion , edm, rave culture math heavy rock blood and biscuits

nova trio - brian - thomas seminar ford dave weckle nephew playing a jazz standard in 7s n 9s with a j dilla pedal play end>. fusion jazz. modern jazz.


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