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Telomere - Kindred Will

- Exclusive Premier - Telomēre - Kindred Will Telomēre is a beautiful combination of all of your favorite mid-2000’s post-hardcore bands; with an added dash of math-rock, a scoop of metal-core, and rounded out with a blend of progressive metal that gives this band’s sound a sense of unique familiarity. From Toronto, Ontario the 5 piece band is happy to premier “Kindred Will” the single off their upcoming EP, “Where Are We Still” only on The Math Rock Times.

This track begins with electrifying energy, vigorous vocals, harsh drums, and quick and crisp guitar licks. Ranging from rough, ranting lyrics to smooth, sensual lyric delivery the song builds suspense and is resolved multiple times with increasingly complex breakdowns and intricate interludes. Complete with robust post-hardcore screams and chillingly calm intervals, “Kindred Will” is a 6-minute musical experience vast in its range. The dynamic rhythms in this song are varied between fast and aggressive to dance-able and melodic. Kindred Will is the single off the anticipated release “Where Are We Still” available Friday, June 5th, 2020. The progressive metal influences of this song leave the listener wanting more. Multiple varied breakdowns perfectly segment this 6-minute track into multiple fragments of genre-spanning twists and turns awaiting the listener around every corner. The band was slated to open up for Auras on May 1st at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto, Ontario but fortunately, the show has been rescheduled for November 6th, 2020. The show which is being promoted by Emo Nite North will have tickets available closer to the rescheduled date; Other bands playing include Feels Like Home and Bastila. “Where Are We Still” Will be available on digital streaming platforms on 06.05.20. This article was brought to you by Mad Indie Media staff.

Telomere is donating to The Black Mental Health Matters Fund, and bandcamp is also donating to the NAACP legal defense fund - Https://


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