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The Front End - Late Bloomer

This band has a strong nostalgic aesthetic of Smile Empty Soul attitude and personas with a seminal feel of American Rejects pop validity aside unique Sum 41 during the emotional vocally driven break downs. Oh, and all this occurs inbetween and at times admist a plethora of shredy riffs. Clearly the Tim Allen coke is good in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Taking Back Sunday is also a really present musical combination employed with this band often among latiny beats and ostinato layering of rthymic elegance. The band have a lot of midwestern twists and turns bridging all the vocal-fronted sections and which often spit Gob-level adolescent forever type of lyrics. It's upbeat but with angst as though not yet having gotten to his heroin stage in life. There's an ironic east coast pessimism to it all. Emma Ate The Lion type meets The Mars Volta meets pop punk can also be found, as well as Skramz and 90's screamo deviance... Don't be surpised for a few post-hardcore projections that quickly get shadowed by midwestern retrievals and warm comfort zones. Sometimes this band is like if The Clash had heard math rock or The Smiths time travel to ArcTangent festival but they got owned cause they signed to Fat Records beforehand. But hell, Weezer was this guy's favorite record growing up so it's all good.


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