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The Planet You - Techxture

- New Album Review & Stream -

Montclair, New Jersey's The Planet You return with a new album entitled "Techxture"

Here it is and what a beauty! The new TPY album is here and I am not disappointed

Jazz Manouche chordal guitar stylings, alongside angular Punk Rock motifs punctuate and compliment each other ideally in this new album. Tentative, jarring, and intentionally off kilter music is what TPY aims for and they sure deliver the goods in impeccable fashion. When listening to this music I feel like I'm drinking high balls at the local speakeasy with my well dressed friends in the 1930's but also like I'm about to get stabbed and mugged in the alley. The Planet You is becoming more cohesive and finding their true identity with every new release. The songs are more uniform than before, and sound more similar to each other.

With the opening track "Nomad" begins a rapid math rock guitar riff not quite twinkly but hammer-ons are most assuredly being used.

The Planet You goes off into tangents repeatedly throughout this song which brings a sense of psychedelic rock to the mix, brief interludes of zaniness peek in every once in a while to add that off balanced sense of mayhem to the music. TPY always sounds like they have been listening to a lot of Jazz Manouche or "Gypsy Jazz." I adore this sound as it reminds me of other math rock bands whose guitarists are no slouch like Pyramid Scheme. TPY should tour with Pyramid Scheme in my opinion, their sounds compliment each other and mesh very well together.

The beginning of "Erosion" serves as an interlude. A solo piano jam that brings a deep sense of reflection. I feel like I'm the only one in the room. Things liven up quickly as manic drum beats and an erratically paced strumming distorted stop-start guitar riff comes in and wrecks everything. This instrumental jam is a welcomed change of pace from the other songs with vocals.

"Cloud Emissary" continues the powerful strumming riffs and intermittent noodles.

High range vocals kick in and bring an on edge type of energy aboard. Eventually a back and forth slow down/ speed up bridge comes in which delights my ears. This song grows on you.

"Perigee" prickly pins poke me as the delayed and distorted plucks of the guitar strings act like needles.

"Deceptive Reflection at Waters Edge" you can tell TPY could make music even crazier than what they make already but they are controlled and respect certain musical institutions. They're not making math rock for the sake of being technical like some other math rock bands do which isn't a bad thing, but I feel like their nod towards Jazz music is obvious and ever present. Yes this is rock but through a Jazz filter.

In conclusion I feel like this record is the best I have ever heard from TPY yet.

The band is coming into it's own form, growing, maturing and becoming more full sounding.


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