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The You Suck Flying Circus - Spirit Homes

-- Review and Stream --

The You Suck Flying Circus is a 6 piece outfit from Berea, OH who have actively been releasing music since 2016. The band name originates the Facebook video game "Sim City Social," in which if you wanted to piss off a neighbor you would send them to the You Suck Flying Circus which was a literal flying circus complete with a “You Suck” banner in tow with fireworks trailing flown overhead via airplane. The band chose this name because they believe this title matches the intensity of the noisy songs this project has to offer.

“Spirit Homes,” released on Flowerpot Records is what the band considers to be the first truly collaborative effort as far as the writing process was concerned. In the past a song was written individually and then added onto by other members. The You Suck Flying Circus experimented with new instruments and timbres on this release while still maintaining the sound that their fans know and love. This album exemplifies teamwork from the conceptual stage. 

“The Avenue” begins with dissonant noise in a, a true sleepy bop in dreamlike trance state fashion which fades out to melodic acoustic guitar and lively drumming. Metered guitar notes ring out over a cascade over ambient noise as the song beings to progress. Around 3 minutes in there is an intense minute long build up to a supremely chill drop that any ambient fan can appreciate.

The track "Moe's" begins in true glitch fashion as the same note is sustained over a 2 string arpeggio. Moe's is truly a noisy song this perfectly captures the new experimental vibe the band took on this new release. Following Moe's is the track "Bird town," a rehashed version of a song that has previously appeared in their discography. Bird town is a chill indie track with a beachy aura complete with vocals.

“Bb” begins with some noise but the listener is quickly slapped with erupting guitar. This song appears to be a change of pace from the feel of the rest of this release while making heavy use of distortion. This track closes out with a solid mathy riff. Four other tracks are included in the genre-bending 8 track album, which you can listen to above. Each song title on this release was named after the closest liquor stores near where the band was writing these songs. 

The You Suck Flying Circus is proof that you don’t need to constantly be together in order to create music; the first year or so of this project member collaborated mainly online until 2017 when they began playing live shows. From their modest beginning the band now proudly tours roughly 40 - 50 days per year. Catch them in a city near you on their November tour and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Spirit Homes!

Author: S. Ritz

11/3 Cleveland OH

11/13 Pittsburgh PA 

11/14 State College PA

11/15 Baltimore MD

11/16 Richmond VA

11/17 Huntington WV

11/18 Athens OH

11/30 Medina OH


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