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Trampa Para Hadas (Fairy Trap) - Interview + New Track Premier

Trampa Para Hadas - (Eng: Trap For Fairies) Is a fairly recently formed band from Mazatlan, Mexico whose energetic sound brings to memory the upbeat sounds of bands like Japan's LITE and Peru's Kinder. Fusing disco type breakdown beats with frenetic pacing and agile guitar riffs, TPH brings the heat in every song. I recently spoke with the band to get an inside scoop.


Why did you choose this band name and What does your band name mean?


Trampa Para Hadas' name actually has a funny backstory. We didn't know how to name our band and Pedro (our guitarist) sent clips and recordings of our rehearsal to a friend of his and he was the one who came up with it, he said we just sounded like that name. Since then we began to build some lore out of the name.


How long have you been together?

TPH: We've been together as a band since June 2022, but our debut show was on August 20th 2022


What are you trying to convey through your music? What's the goal of this band?

TPH: We try to take the listener through an experience and a feeling of joy and bits of magic.

Our goal is to bring that feeling to all the places we play. We also want more people to know the instrumental movement.


What influences your music?

TPH: We have big influences from instrumental rock and the math-rock movement.


Are there any bands you are trying to emulate or if not then what bands influence your music?

TPH: We do not try to emulate something that already exists, we try to bring together all of our (very different) influences and come up with a fresh sound.

Our influences come from bands like vasudeva, palm, My Bloody Valentine and Fall of Troy on the guitarists' side. Our drummer is influenced by System of a Down, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blink-182, Tricot, and Bratty. The bassist bases his sound on the emo/math scene and sometimes in the Mexican “Corridos” arrangements.


I hear a similarity to your music and the music of Japan's LITE. Is that just a coincidence?

TPH: That's a coincidence but our drummer does those dance or disco beats, so that's maybe where you're coming from with that question. Nice question.


Do you plan on touring? Are there any countries or festivals you would like to play?

TPH: We currently have plans for touring all around Mexico but if we had a chance (and visas) we would love to tour in the USA. We would also love to play in Japan, latino america or even europe. But in Mexico we're aiming to play at any big festival but specifically in Vive Latino and maybe Tecate pal'norte some day!


What can we expect next from Trampa Para Hadas?

TPH: We have 2 single releases scheduled for July and August. And we are hoping to release our first EP by november. We also have some videos coming up for our songs. We are planning in touring all around mexico this year and the beginning of 2024. We want to continue experimenting with the genre and making music that anyone will hear it and say “Hey this is pretty cool!"


It's been great getting to know your band more, i can't wait to hear more from you in the future!

TPH: thank you for taking the time to talk with us!


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