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Waxamilion - Vanish


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How did you get started as a musician?

I started playing when I was 6, played in several local bands, still do actually haha, here in Austria (where I grew up) I got a diploma after studying jazz guitar a few years ago. That time there introduced me to a lot of different styles, especially jazz (duh) hip hop and R&B I'd say.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Well, the two influences that most people probably also hear in my music are chon and polyphia. I see myself influenced by two genres tbh tho, there's the prog/math side and the hip-hop/jazz side. On the prog side I'd say my biggest influences are acts like haken, plini, intronaut, meshuggah, animals as leaders (those are just the first that come to mind) and on the hiphop/jazz side I'm thinking of robert glasper, thundercat, j.cole, flying lotus, a tribe called quest, outkast, cypress hill, run the jewels, kendrick lamar (could go on for long, just the first that came to mind again)

What are you trying to convey through your music?

puh, that's tough. I think the main "idea" behind my music is to try and make something that's melting the two genres (prog and hip-hop/jazz). Polyphia do that to some degree (I love their stuff, don't get me wrong), but they are not too crazy on the prog side of things (no crazy chords or time signatures) that's kinda my mission haha, to fuse hip hop and prog. weird time signature changes, jazzy chords, and all of that in a hip hop context. it's always a hard line to walk. I don't want the music to be too dense with information but it should still be surprising at the same time. I hope I'm making sense.

Do you enjoy performing live? Where would you like to tour?

I had a great time playing the few shows I did up till now, and I can't wait to bring this project up on stage again. It's always really cool to see/experience these songs with this different context. playing something on a stage with an audience there to react to whats happening gives yourself a new perspective on your own music, and I really enjoyed that. I'm planning to play more shows in the US once covid allows international travel again. touring the whole us would be my dream, that's something that I have in mind for a long time already. I was always heavily influenced by US culture, there's something that's really mesmerizing just about the way us cities are structured, and the vast spaces of nothing in the countryside. The US is just something that has always fascinated me, so doing a big USA tour one day would be amazing.

What sets you apart from anyone else partcipating in the recent trend of mixing math rock and trap beats is that you are one of the 1st to do it very well. Why choose these two genres to blend?

Thanks for the kind words man :) I really appreciate that! this is kinda a throwback to question 3, tbh I'm not sure why it's these two genres. I probably just identify with these the most. prog because I was always very into guitar heavy music, also prog just has a lot of interesting stuff for guitar players (it's the guitar players genre I'd say) and hip-hop is something I just have a certain fascination for, which is also tied together with my fascination for us culture in general.

Wanna take a dab?

Oh shit I'd love to but my mind wouldn't come back from that haha, I'll have a 40 :)


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