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Exclusive Premier - England's newest horned twinkly math rock band "WHAT? NAH" release their debut single "Chamomile Sea," if you like Clever Girl get in here!!

Tranquilizing math-rock blanketed in twinkly riffs and tender soundscapes, WHAT? NAH are an instrumental 4-piece from Leeds, UK with a uniquely dynamic sound. Their music ranges from soft, cascading melodies drenched with luscious tones from saxophonist Edie and tasty guitar riffs from Lewis, to chaotic and complex noisy sections, driven by curly boy Mark’s intricate drum style and Ada’s lyrical basslines. Formed from Lewis and Mark’s combined vision for twinkly emo-tinged math-rock, Edie joined bringing with them sax melodies and harmonies. After a slow start up, Ada was brought in as the final perfectly fitting musical jigsaw piece on bass. Despite being a relatively new band, What? Nah are well established in the Leeds music scene. In the seven months they were able to gig before the pandemic struck they shared a stage with Elephant Gym, and had plans to support Delta Sleep, Standards and Chinese Football, which they hope will be postponed for a post-covid gigging world. Their debut single Camomile Sea, recorded by Lewis and Ada in Mark’s freezing cold practice room by candlelight, and produced by the band’s own bassist Ada Gilfoyle, was released Nov 2020, with a second single Laminar Flow in the works. Lewis Denver - Guitar Edie Boon - Saxophone Mark Rochman - Drums Ada Gilfoyle - Bass


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