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Young Blood vol1 - Diamond$ and James Stent

Prelude: To me, math rock has never been a genre but more so an audience. This section is devoted to the next generation whom try to bring math to universally acclaimed stages. from showcasing Technique collision guitar gods to poly rhythmic portal creating drummers, tmrt want to showcase the young blood's succession in evolving math rock towards pop validity and higher ground. "Hyper-pop", it was so basic after all.

Songs - the interview - the music - the love -

tmrt- How long have you played guitar for and are you a self taught player or seasoned student? What made you choose your musical style and do you indenify as a math rocker?

james- I've received lessons from a few different teachers in my 3 years playing guitar, none of them really did much for me though. I always was far more productive when just teaching myself with tabs and the like.

j2-I chose this style after I had been playing guitar for a few months. I saw the GOAT music video by Polyphia and it completely changed my trajectory. Up until that point I was just a singer that could play barre chords. After listening to that song I decided that was what I wanted to do and I've been practicing ever since.

Diamond$- I’ve played guitar since I was 7 years old . In the beginning I was obsessed with guitar although I had a few on and off breaks during that time but it’s been one of the more consistent things in my life . I considered myself self taught although I have had private lessons and studied a bit in school!

tmrt- What tricks or advice would you advise players trying to get into your style of brisk and unique compositional guitaring? - Is there any secrets to moving forward as quickly as you seemingly have in the process of being an original artist within the modern musical landscape?

James- My tips for getting into this style is to learn the basics first. When you have a grasp of simple techniques like barre chords, slides, and hammer ons and pull offs then your musical journey will be a lot smoother. After that, get Guitar Pro and buy some tabs. Look up tutorials if you need them. Start at 40% speed and work your way up 1% at a time until you can play it flawlessly. From there composing is simple, Tim Henson has a great tutorial on his youtube channel.

Diamond$- If I could give any advice it would be to honestly have fun ! It sounds cliche but oftentimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in how complex or competitive guitar can be ! When there’s less pressure for perfection and more room for expression the ideas seem to flow faster! I enjoy playing and enjoy writing music and since I’ve decided to have more fun with writing it’s ironically been much more rewarding .

tmrt- Top five favorite records?

James- My favorite song is Close to the edge by Yes, from there I couldn't pick a top 5 but I can give you some of my favourite artists and bands. Brakence, Berried Alive, Darko US, Polyphia, Unprocessed, Steely Dan, Yes, Chon, Vitalism, Sungazer, Guthrie Govan, Kendrick Lamar, Ichika Nito, Trippie Redd, Steve Vai, Rafa Rodriguez. That's just a few.

Diamond$-Steve Vai - Sisters

Ichika - Awakening

Covet - Falkor

Polyphia - Playing God

Death - Symbolic

tmrt- Any song lyrics that really stuck to your soul you'd like to share?

James- Close to the edge there's a section where Jon Anderson repeats the phrase "I get up, I get down" over and over and over. This line really spoke to the futility of how our lives can feel sometimes. Like we're just getting up and out of bed, doing the same things we did yesterday, and then getting back into bed. It's a scary thought but a powerful one.

tmrt- What are you future plans, any ducks already lined up in a row?

James- After Highschool I plan to study music composition and production at Victoria university, all while continuing to do my solo music stuff. From there I'm not sure.

Diamond$- I plan to release a project on streaming services & perform them live this year.

tmrt-What does the name metal diamond$ 7 mean or reference/4james how did you two end up making music with together?? Do you plan on staying solo, building a super group from all across the United States or find players in your own backyard to produce and guide them towards your ultimate vision?

James- Diamond saw my videos and commented on one of them, we started talking until I think Diamond asked to Collab (might've been me tho). From there I just got a riff together and sent her the part and yeah she made a slick solo. I live in New Zealand so hopefully I can find some friends to start a band at university. If not, I'll continue to be a solo artist.

Diamond$-My real name is Diamond and my artist name is Diamonds, with an S at the end ! It is in reference to a Rihanna song , she was one of my favorite artists growing up . It is also a way to differentiate myself from those who may have used my real name , or their real name as a stage name already. The 7 represents the age in which I started my guitar journey & it is also a lucky number to me ! I like using symbols to spell my name differently too, so sometimes I may refer to myself as Diamond$ . I would love to start a band , I really enjoy working with other people no matter the distance ! Finding instrumentalists that I can build with musically is an ultimate goal of mine.

James was kind enough to allow me to feature on one of the records that he composed and I was instantly inspired as well as blown away by the drums & his guitar solo ! I believe we have natural musical chemistry and similar styles so the song happened pretty organically. He’s not afraid to help and reach out to others as I’ve asked about his approach to composing melody. I’m super excited for his musical journey & I know he will go far .

tmrt-What is most important to you in listening to a good song. Drums? Bass solos? Lush Guitar riffs? Melody. Percussive tight rope acrobatics? What do you hear first when hearing a new song and what is a deal maker vs deal breaker for you regarding listening and getting into new music.

James- The biggest thing for me is the creativity of the song. I like alot of simple catchy pop tunes that have been done 1000x times, but the music I really love is when it feels entirely unique to the artist.

Diamond$-I find myself listening to how a song is arranged first , mostly because I like to study how others write and formulate their compositions. I listen for melody as well to try to understand what emotions are being conveyed. I’m also really into unique sounding bridges , I feel when a song changes during a bridge it can really make or break the song for me!

tmrt-Any other talented musicians inspire you currently?

James- Drax is my biggest inspiration and has been for a while now. He's an amazing producer and guitarist with some of the catchiest hooks I've ever heard. He's an absolute beast and you could study his work for years, which I have been doing for a year or so now.

Diamond$-Every single one of my musician friends inspire me . They have solid work ethics & that really motivates me to become a better musician and person everyday .

review - after thoughts - conclusions - outro

Diamond - with inspiration from percussive Savants and some of the most unique rhythmic phrasers in the game it's no wonder diamonds guitar style has sophisticated originality rendered in modern battle pop phrasing that's as hyper as it is lush and equally melodically sweetened. She melts itchika Nito type classical ideas with violin Sonata metalized polyphia inspired runs that bleed into Fred Firth tones within the lens of Yvette young compositional complexity. Musically applied grids and notes interplay in a futuristic almost perfected fashion which is poppy complexly grande yet humble and itself without forcing and invitation or chasing the copy cat. It's inspired but thought out to the conclusion of becoming it's own thing and reasonings. Reflection is a glimpse into the modern masterpieces to come from this young blood riff assassin. The track is musical puppetry of a Shakespearean class, twisting so many plot turns and deep narratively drawn out themes overlayed against a comedian type brisk delivery of punch lines;reasons.

James stent - coming forth as a one man chon producing machine, this young buck kicks hard and has the recipe to hyper pop mathy glitch music down. His lines are melodic and go over the bar line with a masterful ear towards pop validity utilizing just the right amount of countered rythymic syncopation acting as the glue which holds everything together. The music has a Island feel with bold chon meets golden necklace pockets of etude sweetness. It's flashy and warmly inviting to one's ear all the while progressing and ever evolving towards it's peak point. Condensed to 2:30 mins compositions one can get addicted easily to this sound and no fluff all lead line narrative designs. Perhaps the next generation can do what we couldn't and make math rock a pop culture icon as a universally acclaimed genre. as big as radio head or U2, big in all places, and especially japan. (Flashy video)

Now imagine these two made a song together. Oh wait you don't have to. Anyone looking for fresh stems to purchase and shed on need not look further.

suffix- we can see wisdom and music genuis shining in both these hopeful and killer players. a humbleness and an attention to formula, recipe..ect it is no wonder they cook such hot and heavy meals. it,s eqaully interesting to see which albums the youth hold up high and how it relate back to thier sound and phrasing. with such a fruitful outcome we plan on bringing you guys more of ig,tic toc and other platforms up and coming super stars. with responses so intelligent all the while matching such explosively magical songs and riffs we except these two to expotentially grow towards universal fame and godhood. born legends . young blood eidition....

dead.poet.drums review and interview and edit. ftw


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