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Let's Swim, Get Swimming - "Rosjenkins" New Video Premier

Surrey, England's Instrumental Math Rock Trio "Let's Swim, Get Swimming" With A New Music Video For Their Song "Rosjenkins"

"Rosjenkins" is LSGS's best work yet in my opinion!

With Rosjenkins LSGS employs a variety of techniques commonly used in math rock such as guitar tapping, quick time signature changes and frenetic pacing, but this song has something more than the others, there's more soul and clear intention in Rosjenkins. I feel LSGS are pushing themselves harder to create meaningful material with this new song as this jam holds my attention longer and gives more room for introspection than their previous music, which isn't at all bad but just seems to be more about entertaining the listener with happy sounding riffs that are easy to grasp rather than causing inquisition.

"Where are they going with this riff?" is a question I asked myself many times while listening to Rosjenkins, whereas in their previous songs I can tell for the most part what the next riff will sound like. I like not knowing what is to come next. One of math rock's greatest attributes is to keep the listener on their toes and alert!

LSGS is evolving before our ears and I'm excited to join them on their journey of musical expression! Enjoy! Scroll down to the bottom picture to see LSGS's coming concert dates in England and catch them live!

-Mathy Chan


only $10 each +shipping

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