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Kaguu - Wistful

Mexico / USA band: Kaguu Release Their 2nd EP "Wistful" on June 9th, Listen To 2 New Tracks Here!

Starting with a beautiful slow build up, I hear the purity of Kaguu's intention with a gentle riff that guides me towards introspection. The emotional nature of this music shines through right away. From a thoughtful intro into a more energetic tapped riff "Ruby" becomes fully realized as the layering of different patterns emerge to form an auditory painting with many colors. Utilizing a synthesizer in the background as accent to the guitar riffs which staple the canvas to the frame, I watch as more strokes to this painting emerge before my eyes. A brief pause from drumming gives way to a clean, slow solo for a chance to recollect until the outro with a guitar riff that sounds like stairs being climbed. "Ruby" acts as the perfect foundation to a solid structure.

Track 3 "Diamond" brings the zestful sounds of Frenchy canal boat music with a surprising accordion solo. This is a very warm addition to an already wonderful song.

My favorite jam "Emerald" starts with a super twinkly tapping riff not unlike the others. This exciting jam features a bounty of stop/start action and a presence like that of Covet's song "Shibuya". This song to me sounds like a marriage between the sounds of Covet and The Bulletproof Tiger.

"Sapphire" starts out with a droning tapped riff but then blissfully turns into something completely different and resembles a set of patterns used in classical music.

Remiscent of the clean tones and compressed guitar sounds of Dan James Griffin, and overflowing with repetitive fusion-jazz types of scale runs, track 6 "Moonstone" sounds like a glass piano shooting pristine comet like notes that cut through glass with pinpoint laser precision leaving sparkly bursts of light in their aftermath. Kaguu's "Wistful" is sure to be a repeated listen for anyone interested in instrumental progressive rock, djent and math rock alike. Enjoy! -M Chan

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