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LITE - Multiple

Japan's LITE have just released a new album entitled "Multiple"

Starting out with "Double" a start/stop motif ensues and I hear very familiar sounding licks coming from one of my favorite bands.

The disco influence still remains a strong presence with LITE as always.

Around the 1:40 mark a time signature change gives way to a funkified breakdown section, making me fall in love with this band again.

Twin guitar lines buzz out like an electronic device whirring to it's heart's content.

Track 2 "Deep Layer" has a bit of a grungy vibe with a thrashy start/stop guitar riff, then later calms down and goes into a cool breakbeat rhythm with the guitars utilizing a minimalist approach yet still setting the mood for the rest of the instruments to follow suit.

Track 3 "Maze" appears to be a filler track. The quiet and unassuming "beep-boop" guitar riffage is strong with this one. A background droning sequence comes in and brings things to a close.

"One Last Mile" also has a grunge thrash presence to it, but then in the later half seems to go into a retro-wave type of feeling, ending things much calmer than how it started out. "Ring" Features a rapper who I have yet to discover. I think the rapper has a great voice and like his work on this song, it's smooth. The instrumentation is very chilled as well, towards the end it turns in a bit of a techno song including synths and trap beats. This is how math rap should be done everyone, pay attention!

This album has everything I expected from LITE and gets better as it goes on. I look forward to becoming more familiar with it in the near future.

LITE - Multiple [2019]

photo credit @rikiyamada

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