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Find Yourself - HYPHA - Gentlemen Surfer - Concert Preview

Date: August 25th

Location: 6391 Capitol ave in Diamond Springs, California

Find Yourself is a band from Placerville, California. Sounding similar to The Mars Volta FY utilizies frequent stop/start guitar riffs. Employing intermittent bursts of energy flanked by melodic high pitched vocals along with gang vocals and screaming, FY brings to life an almost psychedelic post-hardcore nuance to the world of progressive / math rock. One can really lose themselves getting into this music!


Hypha is a band from Placerville, California who showcase a broad array of ideas through sound some of which fall nicely into the post rock category while others defy genre classification completely and go into dark unknown realms. Coming together with sublte hints of jazz Hypha is as sophisticated as a post rock band can be with obvious math rock influences. Think Stage Kids only less retrofuturism vibes and more gloomy introspective ones instead. Hypha is an experience unlike any other.

Gentleman Surfer of Sacremento, California takes a more hard-edged approach towards math rock and is headed by John Bafus a phenomenal drummer that has a jazz degree and a ton of range in his performance styles and bands. Gentleman Surfer reminds me that it takes a lot of planning to make a song sound random and chaotic.


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