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Ichika Nito

With over two million Youtube sbscribers Ichika Nito drops a new cut, The World Is Still Beautiful, which envelopes the listner in a deep trance of liquid dub house math rock neo classical fusion pop. His music always comes and goes like a dream like a dmt trip whereverything is so astonishing yet dissipates leaving the listener confused about what he just encountered. This recipe makes for endless replays chasing the high of hearing an ichika nito song for the first time.

Making hyper-pop ballad style midwestern emo meets video game music fantasy genre, Ichika Nito is secertly getting all the normal people addicted to math rock techniques and formulas as he aqauints them with his compositions. Becoming a household name from his bedroom, he uses preprogramed effects to furthure enchance textural conceptualism alike Steve wilson of Procupine Tree and Deftones.

His song Orb, has get emotional ressonance and a dancing flame like mystique to it. Nito doesnt demand attention , attention demands Nito. The track crumbles and fumbles like a bag in the wind gracefully and wholly of gods presence. It cascades down the fret board moving accent notes a concept most guitarist never ending up acknolwedging and therefore utilizing. Apoly rhthymic picking event thats both constraint and poppy yet alive and seeming raking breaths.

Isolation, is a song of melancholies that owns it into joy in some twisted devine gemometric contradictive truth. With a and1 bass drum grid the song is funky and easy to knod to or knod out to .

aAother classic from Ichika is Awakening, which applies brisk chord structures and displacing harmonies which flutter like butter fly wings. after the third measure and and rate bleeding occurs which is tasty and why drummers enjoy covering this song so much.

i miss you, attempts at a jazz pocket but has a stiffness and qauntized feel that creates a tense of laid back triplet counting and the 4 mechanical vibe which the drums draw into existence forcefully. It thereafter falls into a fully motown unimpeded and unihibited funk, at least for nito, that is unqieu to this cut.

Thinking of you, makes one think of Gold Necklace, Benny Grebs Grebcestrta and Haisuinonansa Storm rain and Heniski al in one neo classical guided prog pop stream of consciousness.

Illusory sense, really sounds like one is listening to a piano etude written by a precussive savant. Its more bare then other tracks and really is but meat and bone. His songs always leave one needing more which some love and other love to hate. This song has that effect magnified for us here at tmrt.

Branching Paths, has a unique placing of cascade harmonics and justin timberlake type of rhthymic guitar phrasing that illicits a darker depth that opens voids of potential and implied positionary existence, The cut is another that makes one needing more though with this one giving too much as it technical guitar runs glide and pretude alongside the sonic walls.

Ethereal Feel, has a big presence from the get go and swallows the listener whole mercilessly but with a peculiar fragility and almost femine qaulity. The touch is clean and precise with tone surpassing texure. acrobatics are present but not focal as this piece main action really is hitting the core of ones heart with deep sustaining chords.

Secret, seems to have three stair levels which nito bleeds rats and carefully crafted patterns across time as though god in his creation stage. Outpouring but what is holy, true bue at time sadly true and blue, this track is a midtempo realase of angst which sings at the heart of human emotion and surrendering to what is felt by the body. what is real.

It’s over, mixes violon sonata Al di meola Polyphia playing god vibes with bluesism and fast hammering action from blues daddy and Stevie Ray Vaughn era guitar culture. a great idiom that is cut way too short for us. dude has to remake this song to full prog length concecpt triplle double disc ep with bonus mini tapes.


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