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Ichika Nito

With over two million Youtube sbscribers Ichika Nito drops a new cut, The World Is Still Beautiful, which envelopes the listner in a deep trance of liquid dub house math rock neo classical fusion pop. His music always comes and goes like a dream like a dmt trip whereverything is so astonishing yet dissipates leaving the listener confused about what he just encountered. This recipe makes for endless replays chasing the high of hearing an ichika nito song for the first time.

Making hyper-pop ballad style midwestern emo meets video game music fantasy genre, Ichika Nito is secertly getting all the normal people addicted to math rock techniques and formulas as he aqauints them with his compositions. Becoming a household name from his bedroom, he uses preprogramed effects to furthure enchance textural conceptualism alike Steve wilson of Procupine Tree and Deftones.