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Kirye - NETAMI

- EXCLUSIVE 2 SONG SNEAK PEEK - Tokyo, Japan's newest 5 piece math rock band Kirye shares two singles ahead of their upcoming EP only on The Math Rock Times. On Oct 1st go to for the full album.

The Run-down:

The first song on the record "Helix" starts out with a briskly paced piano riff. In comes colorful singing in Japanese lyrics by vocalist Shuri, atop of twinkly guitar riffs, frenetic stop start drumming motifs and an overall bustling pace.

About halfway through, everything stops except for the "Ahhh" vocal fills for a bit, those vocal fills permeate the room for a brief spell while the band expertly plans the getaway.

The second track is called "Mamou"

Beginning with a thrashy riff alongside some noodling leads, this song is just as frantic as the first. High pitched squealing lead guitar wails in the foreground.

Halfway through the song things slow down for a bit until a brief plucked clean guitar riff comes in to welcome a distorted noodley line as the full band joins back in. The high pitched squealing lead comes back in to finish out the song.

Kirye is:

Guitar: Vgmf

Guitar, synth: Davis Sprague

Bass, piano: Norishio

Vocals: Shuri

Drums: OINU

These two songs give a taste of what is to come in a couple days. If you are a fan of Mouse on the Keys, Tigran Hamasayan, or Marmalade Butcher make sure to give Kirye some love! -M Chan


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