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Lore of The Woodman - Leave Everything Aside Now

England's 3 piece band Lore of The Woodman return with a full length album entitled "Leave Everything Aside Now."

Listen to 2 tracks before the full release of the album next week on the 24th of September 2021 only on Make sure to head over to this coming friday the 24th to get the full album!

"Rainbow Slide" :

Rainbow Slide is my favorite jam from this record. This song starts out with a simple 2-chord strumming guitar riff then quickly introduces a short funkified tapping lick, this measure is repeated making for a solid base on which to build from.

Midway through, the guitars turn the song into a dream-like state, making way for the post rock like atmosphere introducing busy guitar solos noodling thier way into existence. The drumming however never slows its pace until the end, keeping the tune busy sounding for the majority of the song.

"Lucid" Video:

"Lucid" :

Lucid starts with a single strumming riff followed by some quick noodling. A short slowed down part takes stage again bringing post-rock vibes to the mix. A steady drum pace with a short roll fits the music perfectly. What sounds like a 3 note piano riff accents the guitars in a well mannered way towards the ending, bringing all instruments together for the finale, this jam truly is an epic one. Another stand out track on this album is the final one entitled "Lean." Lean is a reimagined version of an older song, but this new version of it is remastered/ re-recorded in a way that brings much new life to the song. Lean being a technical masterpiece is sure to impress math rock fans everywhere!


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