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Stage Kids - Recess

- Exclusive Premier - STAGE KIDS - RECESS

"Recess" Stage Kids first new release since 2016's "Intra Mental" is released today. Stage Kids has been severely missed and pined after ever since their last album. The 7 piece ambient jazz band with heaps of math rock influence has had solid hits such as "Jafari's Revenge," and "absinthesizer."

Coming back with a refined touch and 3 new tracks that shine light on just how much Stage Kids rock, this ep delivers lushly fashioned jungle jazz.

One only has to listen to the opener “Welcome to the Jungle” to sense a deep percussive perspective at play. Raining down piano runs and soulful delayed outcry on guitar, the underlying rhythmic tapestry really drives everything to where it has to be. Having an almost gospel type of foundation gives everything a particular modernity to seemingly old ways.

"Jonny of the Jungle" meshes organ jazz a Latin feel and Tarintino radio jazz. Being far more laced with chords of fusion rock and an electric guitar dominated sound, this piece has a Jimi Hendrix type of presence exploring modern musical landscapes. High pitched synth wails birth a bluesy guitar solo, and an uplifting piano riff brings things to a close.

"Tantalizer" has a wetter sound and returns to a percussive leading conceptual-ism with a more blended way of phrasing syncopation. Therefore sounding less saturated than the record starter, the track best represents Stage Kids’ wide variance of inspirations. If you like delayed guitar solos sounding like water droplets, flying cars scuttling by, piano and expressive drums this ep will surely hit home for you. Mesmerizing the listener with a layered complexity within the running cycles of natural fluidity and brevity, the band knows what to play and what not to. Fitting so much in less than 3 minutes while still creating air is Stage Kids best quality. Knowing how to inject breath into a piece of music they have become kings at attaining a rich spatial dynamic to musically inhabit. The close attention paid to volume and touch pays off for these guys with a smooth and lush sound. The release attains clarity among the oceans of ambience effortlessly. With a sound that swallows the listener whole and a vibrant composing style Stage Kids find the circles swagger within any and all geometries. This stuff be swinging.


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