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Let's Swim, Get Swimming - Copper Shops and Train Drivers - Interview

Brighton, England's premier two piece math rock duo Let's Swim Get Swimming have just released a new 2 song EP and it's FIRE! Track 1 "Rodney's Copper Shop" starts out with a delightfully upbeat noodly guitar riff. Strumming riffage with intermittent noodling takes over, then things go back and forth between the noodling lead and the thrashy strums. This song goes from very brisk riffs to very chill quiet parts and then back again. These musicians truly understand the point of math rock keeping us on our toes like that.

Track 2 "Train Drive/ Glen Mcklennan" starts out with a singular snare drum beat and some melodic palm muted guitar strums. This jam reminds me a lot of the style of the band Chef Goldblum. back and forth between noodly tapping and strumming riffs this jam is a lot like it's predessosor except it also includes single note tapping bouts and slightly more nostalgic vibes regarding early math rock and its raw energy.


TMRX. Tell me about the new 2 songs.

Paddy: The two songs are both stories of immense heartbreak and individual growth as beings… not really, we just thought they sounded good and one of them was written on a boat.

We wrote these songs with inspiration from real life events. ‘Rodney’s Copper Shop’ is a hint towards a local hardware store. We went to buy velcro there and made up a completely fantastical story about the kind of stuff we would expect to see at a hardware shop in our minds (they don’t make copper, but my goodness do they make good velcro.)

Tom: Glenn McKlennan is a fictional character. I recommended visiting an outlet village in Swindon (my hometown) because there’s a train that circles around it, the name of the outlet village is McArthurGlen. We made up the character of Glenn McKlennan, claiming that he was the driver of the train around said outlet village (this is of course, completely untrue… like the Rodney’s Copper Shop stupidity, as well as most of our nonsense conversations)

TMRX. How has the songwriting process changed since becoming a two piece band?

Tom: The majority of the writing involves Paddy taking months and months to excitedly approach me with a singular guitar riff, to be met with ‘that sounds awful, do better’.

Paddy: I usually come to Tom with some absolute gold, the majority of the time he loves every idea and is willing to build on them posthaste… this is obviously because I am such a genius and handsome writer.

Tom: ugh.

TMRX. I agree Paddy! So have you thought about collaborating with any other artists?

Tom: Yes, Justin Bieber loves our band, uncle Biebs (as me and his father call him)… the artic monkeys, blink182 and Beyoncé also love Let’s Swim, Get Swimming… so plenty of options for future collaborations.

Paddy: we have collaborated in the past, sometimes having vocals featured on our tracks can give them a completely new lease of life. We’ve featured Brock Benzel from Invalids and Alex Bettany from ClayLake in a couple of our tracks and they smashed it.

Waiting for uncle Biebs email

TMRX: Any plans to add a bassist?

Tom: If it’s Stokowski… oh goooood yeah.

Paddy: I miss Big Stonk, Uncle Stink, Strinkle Stronkle, The Large Smell, Big Fatty Boy Smoke, Stenk, Stonky Wonky, Stongellio Porrelli. Stoke with an O.

Tom: A.K.A our old bassist. Stokoe, please call me.

TMRX: Tell me about your upcoming tour.

Paddy: Van. Beer. Terrible food and Tom… need I say more ?

Tom: Yes! We have a couple dates at the end of June! Don’t we pad?

Paddy: I have no idea… I literally don’t know what day it is.

Tom: I know… they’re announced tomorrow and they are the 4 dates we spoke about around the UK... Pad you know this. BUT… We have a super rad tour with a band in August. Genuinely our biggest support tour to date (be excited, we are).


Tom: yes

Paddy: they are very good…

Tom: Honourable mentions. Kamil, Otto, Jake, Barry Shrimpton & Euan Towner you slap. Slap ass, am I right.

Paddy: bye xox

TMRX: thanks for chatting with me about the new music guys. I hope your upcoming tour goes well and can't wait to hear more from you.


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